We’ve had a few bad accidents, can you help us?

Yes, we work to understand your history and present it in the best light possible. Sometimes the best risks have put safety measures in place after a costly error.

I’ve looked at options before, how are you different?

Our specialization and market expertise allows us to access insurance markets others can’t. As the insurance market pricing begins to increase our clients are confident they are exploring all options available to contain costs.

Do you use a secondary broker to access underwriters?

Many generalist insurance agents will access a specialty broker (like ourselves) to access underwriters. We strive at all costs and are able to working directly with specialty insurance company underwriters to drive the best deal possible with the lowest overhead built into your pricing.

How do we contact you?

We strive to be as client friendly as possible, we are also comfortable with technology. For our midwestern clients we likely have a broker nearby and are available to meet in person. Others find it easy to converse over the phone, email or teleconference. Several clients fly into Chicago for yearly planning sessions and underwriter meetings.