Air Ambulance Shocked by Malpractice Insurance Increase

A mid-sized air ambulance organization had been claims free since their founded and were shocked at the 50% increase they received on their liability insurance renewal. By exploring alternative carriers who their agent did not have access to they were able to reduce their annual premium below the expiring level.

Ambulance Service Troubled with Liability Claims

A small town ambulance service had several crashes on their record and willingly took one premium increase after another. By properly presenting their situation and what had been done to prevent re-occurrence of those claims they were able to reign in costs without switching insurance carriers.

Local Agent Under-serving Ambulance Service

A big city insurance agency had provided insurance quotes to a ground and air ambulance service for years. The premium changes seemed to be in line with what their peers were experiencing so they were never questioned. After working with to review their insurance policies the organization discovered they had been overpaying for inferior coverage for years.