$172M Verdict Against NYC EMS

After a three week trial the family of a brain damaged girl has won a $172M verdict in a New York courtroom.

The family of Tiffany White, who was twelve at the time of the incident in 1998, had sued Accuhealth Inc and the New York EMS. A nurse for Accuhealth, which is now bankrupt, was at the house administering a cortisone shot for an eye condition when the girl had an adverse reaction that ended up with her heart stopping. When paramedics came to the house they were not equipped with proper recitation gear and called a second squad. The girls mother begged the responders to take her daughter to Montefiore Hospital two miles away. The team waited for the second team and the court determined the wait caused brain damage.

The case shows the result of adverse events that result from emergency decisions that are difficult to defend. Ensure your ambulance service is properly insured and prepared the aggressively manage and defend any claims. Contact an expert broker to discuss your options.